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In the present cyber world of cut-throat competition, enterprises must have flexible and speedy web applications that are highly reliable and efficient. Improved and better mobility always remains the top concern following real-time intelligence and joint effort, and decision-making skills for enterprise-level businesses. The hunt for the perfect enterprise app development platform eventually ends with the growth of Node.js.

Businesses need innovative and tailor-made solutions at an every step of IT revolution and cloud application. Node.js is an asynchronous event-driven Javascript framework designed to develop flexible and reliable network applications. As per the popular demand of enterprises for web development, the framework is ideal for the management of data-demanding real-time apps, which work on several distributed devices.

With Node.js you can use detailed models and in few cases the same libraries for both frontend and backend development. This feature of Node.js empowers enterprises to achieve better productivity, resources, and small time to market.

Node.js and Web App Development

Node.js suits a large number of developers as it has a sign of reliability for flexible, being robust, and easy to applicable. Node.js exceeds at multiple users for a collaborative work environment, for real-time web applications through chat.

It is an excellent tool for developing and working app logic that provides the core, changeable content for the website pages. The single threaded model with event loop enables managing of several client requests, which is the greatest benefit of utilizing Node.js for the development of web apps.

Node.js and Mobility

In the present market scenario, enterprises want to enhance mobile app development and integration with an exceptional framework. Node.js is a highly incredible framework that has got a niche in mobile app development. In the recent years, Node.js has established itself as one of the most leading mobile app development frameworks by optimizing the entire IT expenses and retaining charges to a minimum.

The biggest benefit of Node.js lies in data transfer between the client and server, which happens very quickly as it permits writing codes on both – the client and server side.

Node.js and IoT

Node.js is perfect to build your next-generation web apps as it’s a runtime environment, which makes it the finest choice for the development of the real-time application. You can get the functionalities as per your requirements, particularly when creating APIs for the web and mobile integration in IoT.

With the aid of beacons and other sensors, you can get insights for providing the right information to the appropriate person at the proper time. Also, business aptness and an extensive community support is a benefit to produce bespoke web apps.

Coding the IoT with Node.js provides you the skill to build the perfect distributed and connected system. Businesses are supporting Node.js on IoT devices to create intelligent and secure software and hardware systems.

Furthermore, Node.js is a convenient platform for more advanced and robust outlines, which incorporates many possibilities for interfacing between devices cloud.
Agility, productivity, and scalability perform a crucial role in the determination of Node.js as an enterprise development platform. As mobility, big data, the cloud and sensor devices, are transforming standard businesses to a smart and superior level.


Node.js is the modern trend in enterprise application development. Already, Fortune 100 companies have expanded the trending framework Node.js for improving enterprise-grade applications, which includes Yahoo, Microsoft, Yahoo, and Groupon. Are you ready to remodel the future of your business?
Then, embrace the power of the lightest Javascript Framework – Node.js. You can also Hire Node.js developers to build flexible and reliable enterprise web applications.

With its new tools and enhancements, JavaScript with its framework Node.js has seized the entire world of web application development in its storm. Furthermore, its ability with Node.js has spread out to the server side, which is an open source runtime arrangement. Node.js was originally written in 2009 by Ryan Dahl for Linux only.

Moreover, he also led its development and maintenance, and followingly it got sponsored by Joyent. Node.js for many developers is a dream that came true as it empowers them to do the coding in a single language for both – the browsers and servers.

Every industry today embrace the presence of Node.js. One of the primary reason behind is that the framework is based on JavaScript and the developers find that it is easy to shift to Node.js from any other web technology. Let us take a deep look at few reasons which made Node.js a highly popular framework among the developers –

Lightning Fast

Node.js enables the reuse of code without the necessity to waste lots of time on something that already exists as Node.js has a large module ecosystem and as an outcome, quickly new projects can be developed. V8, developed by Google powers this JavaScript runtime for use in Chrome. V8 compiles JavaScript into a machine code and therefore has the capability to arrange and execute JavaScript very speedily.

Furthermore, it has a spellbinding feature which in an asynchronous manner is a single thread performing all I/O operations. This event ring occupies very less storage, contrary to the traditional looping, and performs exceptionally great.

Cross-Platform Functionality

Node.js is cross-platform – which means that the framework is capable of running identically on several different platforms. Just like Java, the Node runtime operates on embedded systems, all standard version of Windows servers and desktops, Mac OS X., and Linux and Unix.

This feature benefits you to choose your software, and as long as you’re mindful not to write anything particular to the structure or file system that you’re assuming there. You can rather expect it to run on any platform. This feature serves a huge benefit as portability and saves a lot of development time as they don’t have to write new code or execute new libraries.


Our expert team of Node.js developers which you can hire affirms that every single operation performed in Node.js is a sequence of an asynchronous callback. Therefore, unlike other web technologies, it runs on a single thread, where a new thread gets triggered for every particular client request. This primary event-driven Node.js structure not only makes it lightweight but also set the foundation for Node’s standard non-blocking I/O feature.


One of the best solutions for building real-time web apps which are highly-performing is by using Node.js. Thanks to its incredible features like event-driven I/O model and non-blocking. Together with a microservice-based app, it can manage an excessive amount of load with low response rates.

LinkedIn the global professional networking site moved from Ruby to Node.js to control their mobile traffic and also by almost 90 percent their count of servers decreased, by 30 to 3. The rate of their new system raised 20 times, and this explicitly indicates the high performance of Node.js.


As every industry today is embracing Node.js – the minimal javascript framework, it is peak time you must utilize its benefits to get an edge over the cut throat competition. For creating highly scalable and robust web apps for your business, you can consider to Hire Node.js Developer.