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Top 10 Benefits of Using Node.js For Web Applications

Node.js primarily is essentially Javascript without browser. Irrespective of your experience level, there are several reasons why you should use Node.js. Owing to several advantages possessed by Node.js hiring a Node.js Developer shall ease your web application development.

We have listed 10 of them.

Javascript Knowledge

You are continuously translating 2 things if you aren’t using Node.js:

  • HTTP data to server-side objects from JSON; and

  • Logic from Javascript to server-side framework.

Using Javascript reduces the application size and thus complexity for bugs.

It’s really fast

  • Non-blocking I/O means it can do what you need your server to do very well. It takes requests and never blocks itself from receiving more requests while fulfilling its queue.

  • It is built on top of the Chrome V8 Javascript Engine which enhances its speed
NodeJs Server

It’s used by many modern companies

Lot of modern companies like LinkedIn, Wal-Mart, PayPal, Uber, Netflix have their websites built on Node.

One language for Front and Back

  • Being able to use one single programming language to write both client and server side code means your life as developer is much easier. In addition, it means as a company you can focus on hiring great Javascript developers along with Node.js developers.

  • It goes hand in hand with React, Angular and Ember.

  • You can use Javascript for both your front end and back end code. jquery as a package is available for Node which can be used both at back and front end.

  • Browserify allows you to bundle job scripts from back end and serve it to your front end application.
NodeJs Front End-Back End

Cross Platform

Having a truly cross-platform language means you can run your Node.js web server on Linux, Windows or Mac. The inability to do this can be a real ball buster.

One of the most Active Developed Communities

Node.js has quickly risen as one of the most popular and motivated developed communities around. It’s still considered a more viable alternative to Python, Ruby, C# and Java. The amount of questions asked on Node.js is far more than what asked for other platforms.

It’s not new and hip

Node.js is no longer a fad. It’s the technology of choice for many websites. It’s not an upcoming technology anymore and is not going anywhere.

Node.js is not a bloated framework

Node does not come with bells and whistles of some full stack frameworks. In fact, it’s not even a framework at all. If you need authentication, templates or database access you will be writing that stuff yourself. Basically, Node.js can be as slim as you want it to be.

The future is lean

The future of web development resides while keeping your server as lean as possible. Basically, your modern day server should be delivering JSON data; and Node.js does this well.

Native support for evented programming

The way Node.js handles evented programming makes it helpful for handling things like streams and sockets and also very large files.

Hiring a Node.js developer should be an easy decision for you to seek the advantages it has when it comes to developing the web applications.

by Ram S February 3, 2017 

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