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Why is Node.js preferred for web application development?

Quick development of Node.js has constrained quite a few engineers to kick back and observe its enormous functionalities. Did you know that numerous well known and fruitful web applications and sites have utilized Node.js? Before knowing those famous sites, let us find out about Node.js and the reason of it being preferred for development of web application nowadays.

What is Node.js?

Node.js is the platform which has been based on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime. The applications in Node.js are developed using Javascript. It offers an event driven architecture being cross-platform and open source. Other than that, it offers a non-blocking I/O API, utilizing which an application’s scalability and throughput are improved.

Eminently, Node.js is a flawless decision for data-intensive real-time applications and for websites which expect a radical development in the quantity of clients. Additionally, an inbuilt library empowers applications to go about as a web server. Concocted in the year 2009, by Ryan Dahl, Node.js stage utilizes JavaScript and modules and permits to create networking tools and web servers. Additionally, its applications can be kept running on different servers – Microsoft Windows, Mac OS X and Unix.

Let us see the reasons why Node.js Is preferred for development of web applications compared to other available platforms.

It’s quick

Quick and adaptable system applications can be worked as the JavaScript execution is quick. It allows handling multiple client requests with its event loop and single threaded model. It is one of the real preferences of utilizing Node.js for web applications. Multi-threading environment is not required even during multiple client requests at a time due to the presence of event loops. In this way, the application uses less memory.

Streams in Node.js

I/O calls can be handled easily since Node.js is event-driven and asynchronous. Question is – What are streams? They are UNIX pipes which assist in simple perusing of data from the data source, and pipe the information to the goal.

Client-Server Data synchronization

Node.js helps create Javascript at both client and server side. Thus, data exchange between the server and client happens rapidly.

Sharing is supported

It is all fine to share bundles of library code. So, in case of any issue the Node.js developer faces, the Node Package Manager (NPM) helps the engineer with the arrangements with its archive of 50,000 bundles. Refreshing, sharing and reusing of code are in this manner considerably simpler.

Node.js is perfect for constant applications

Mode.js is perfectly suited for creating real-time platforms; for e.g. Chat windows. Additionally, this stage is utilized Game Development. Non-blocking and event driven server are most appropriate if the web applications get the opportunity to deal with countless time clients.

The above is some of explanations behind engineers leaning toward Node.js for building web applications. Presently let us observe a portion of the well-known web applications and sites that have utilized Node.js. Some of them incorporate the famous Yippee, the universal LinkedIn, the progressive PayPal, the fruitful ebay etc.

Node.js is surely encouraging web applications development, particularly the real-time applications where dataflow is constant. For the improvement of such applications, it is exceptionally basic to pick a best Node.js Developer. Adding to it, if you are a web engineer, then it is the ideal opportunity for you to observe vast advantages of Node.js.

by Ruchit P January 17, 2017 

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